I expected a lot from this play and it delivered so much more

Last Sunday, I saw the play DIRTY running at the Zephyr Theater on Melrose Ave. and it’s been on my mind ever since. It’s simply incredible and completely delivers the modern day American dream with unstoppable texture and great dialog. A married couple with everything to lose decide to create the first ever porn company with integrity and morals before profits. Go watch something real and funny is what I’m saying. I’m a nobody to give reviews, so I’ll just let you click here and read them yourself. Fuck the reviews, just go watch it. The lead Max Lesser was perfectly cast, I couldn’t take my eyes off the effortless Anna Konkle, Sumiko Braun (recently seen with Halle Berry on CBS’ EXTANT) delivered as always and then some with her beauty and vulnerability. Go watch it before it becomes super popular because that way, you can tell people that you knew about it and will come across classy and all sorts of intelligent. Kidding aside, DIRTY is the best play I’ve seen and I know it’ll be a long time before I see something this funny and honest. Oh and the Zephyr Theater serves wine at the intermission so take cash.

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Seven Christmas Movies with Christmas in the Background

With Christmas approaching, the classics such as a Christmas Tale, Home Alone etc will start airing on TV. Here are some incredible movies that often get ignored but still deliver heaps of heartwarming Christmas spirit.

While You Were Sleeping (1995) – A modern take on Sleeping Beauty. The first draft of the screenplay originally had a leading male working the ticket booth who falls for a girl in a coma. So glad they changed it. Far less creepy and more Sandra Bullock is always the way to go.

Trading Places (1984) – Just a little bit over 100 years when Mark Twain’s ‘Prince and the Pauper’ enters the public domain, this modern take comes along with two of the funniest actors in the primes.

The Family Man (2000) - It’s an updated version of Mr. Destiny which was a take on It’s A Wonderful Life, but there’s a certain sweetness this movie delivers in spades.

Batman Returns (1992) - Couldn’t have had a better cast or story. I love the Chris Nolan take on Bruce Wayne and Gotham, but nothing beats Michael Keaton as Batman or as anything really.

Gremlins (1984) – How is this a children’s movie? Oh yeah, ‘cos it’s amazing.

Die Hard (1988) - One of the greatest action movies of the 80s and forever. This gave the genre a break from muscles and machine guns and cast sensitive, funny and vulnerable Bruce Willis from Moonlighting, the detective show that didn’t take itself seriously.

Rocky 4 (1985) – How can I not have a Sly Stallone movie on the list? Also this movie has the best training montage in any movie ever. “DRAGOOO!”

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This anti-sketch group are basic geniuses in their own meta minds

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