If Hitler tweeted from his bunker

1. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Hope I get credit for the VW Beetle’s sleek design. I based it on ze Nazi helmet u know. #lol

2. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Irony = Me taking over Europe but not coming out of the closet, I mean bunker.

3. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
If only I had blond hair and blue eyes, this moment would be more poetic.

4. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
So zis is what Anne Frank felt like, but a few more hours.

5. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Damn, just when I was about to sVitch to a goatee.


6. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
#FF @MussoliniMofo

7. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Sometimes I pull my socks all ze way up to my knees and then pretend I’m German.

8. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
(  x  )(  x  ) Helga’s big boobies. RT for giggles. #officeslut

9. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Where’s a body double when you need one? #FML

10. Adolf Hitler @MadDictator
Left my charger outside. Back in a bit.

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10 documentaries that’ll open your heart

1)  A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt

Meet Paul Liebrandt: A young Chef from England who carries himself like a struggling poet and rock star from the mid 90s. When Paul arrives in New York City to achieve his goal of being an executive haute cuisine chef, he’s up against a slowdown in the haute cuisine segment, corporate chain restaurants and food critics that couldn’t care less. Finding work gets harder and harder with each employer either saying he’s over qualified, or difficult to work with. This documentary quietly asks the question; “Is it more important to be true to yourself, or compromise who you are?” Scene to look out for: Paul gets hit on and doesn’t know how to respond. A scene later, he shyly tells the camera, “I’m, I’m married to my work.”

2)  Exit Through the Gift Shop

This documentary starts off establishing artistic integrity with renowned graffiti artist Banksy who till today doesn’t reveal his face to the public eye. The filmmaker and eyes of the documentary is a strange Frenchman who sells clothes in downtown Los Angeles. Being seduced by the world of underground art, the Frenchman puts his business up for mortgage, quits being a filmmaker and turns himself into a graffiti artist overnight. Of course he’ll need a name… It’s MR. BRAINWASH. His skills? A drive to promote himself as the biggest graffiti artist in the world with a massive advertising campaign on a bank loan. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” demonstrates the scary side of being an artist where one moment of deciding to believe in oneself can trump years of hard work. Scene to look out for: Being interrogated by Disneyland security guards.


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How To Play Hipster Monopoly

1. $50 each for everyone with a beard. Friends without beards get $45 and must wear a minimum of seven colors that don’t match.

2. No rolling the dice. Ever. Move one space at a time because you have a retro bicycle and one of your parents never hugged you.

3. One players (non-hipster) owns all the property and gets to roll three dice. For every double rolled, the richest player gets to move two more times, twice. Sorry that you took art in school more seriously than math.


4. When you do pass ‘Go’ pay interest of what your student loans are at 12% per month per smile. Again, sorry about the math.

5. ‘Go to Jail’ is now replaced with ‘Go to Jail and write a self-published memoir.’ After finishing writing each chapter, you get to roll the dice. A double gets you out, but seriously, no one’s reading your memoir. Continue reading

I expected a lot from this play and it delivered so much more

Last Sunday, I saw the play DIRTY running at the Zephyr Theater on Melrose Ave. and it’s been on my mind ever since. It’s simply incredible and completely delivers the modern day American dream with unstoppable texture and great dialog. A married couple with everything to lose decide to create the first ever porn company with integrity and morals before profits. Go watch something real and funny is what I’m saying. I’m a nobody to give reviews, so I’ll just let you click here and read them yourself. Fuck the reviews, just go watch it. The lead Max Lesser was perfectly cast, I couldn’t take my eyes off the effortless Anna Konkle, Sumiko Braun (recently seen with Halle Berry on CBS’ EXTANT) delivered as always and then some with her beauty and vulnerability. Go watch it before it becomes super popular because that way, you can tell people that you knew about it and will come across classy and all sorts of intelligent. Kidding aside, DIRTY is the best play I’ve seen and I know it’ll be a long time before I see something this funny and honest. Oh and the Zephyr Theater serves wine at the intermission so take cash.

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Seven Christmas Movies with Christmas in the Background

With Christmas approaching, the classics such as a Christmas Tale, Home Alone etc will start airing on TV. Here are some incredible movies that often get ignored but still deliver heaps of heartwarming Christmas spirit.

While You Were Sleeping (1995) – A modern take on Sleeping Beauty. The first draft of the screenplay originally had a leading male working the ticket booth who falls for a girl in a coma. So glad they changed it. Far less creepy and more Sandra Bullock is always the way to go.

Trading Places (1984) – Just a little bit over 100 years when Mark Twain’s ‘Prince and the Pauper’ enters the public domain, this modern take comes along with two of the funniest actors in the primes.

The Family Man (2000) - It’s an updated version of Mr. Destiny which was a take on It’s A Wonderful Life, but there’s a certain sweetness this movie delivers in spades.

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Check out the trailer of the Christmas book that ranked #1 last year on Amazon’s Kindle Christmas books

Hi! I am Max Douglas from the Naughty Boy Who Saved Christmas. Have fun watching this trailer and then please read my Christmas adventure! It even ranked #1 on Amazon’s Kindle books for two days in the Christmas section.

Love, Max

PS The book comes in paperback, kindle and zombie edition. All available right here on Amazon.